Friday, 22 June 2018

Workshops with Gary Mills

The Lichen Project 2-day workshop with Tutor Gary Mills
at Timberscombe Village Hall
 Date: Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th October (2 full days)
10.00am – 4.00pm
Cost: £80 per person Deposit Required (cost includes all materials used)
Information and booking contact: email:
phone: 07967903558
This two-day workshop has been in development since the success of the Eco Print & Natural Dye workshop of summer 2018. I have been intrigued by Lichens, their forms, colour and how they can be used and interpreted through textiles. You may have followed some of my photos on Face Book where I captured some of these beautiful lichens above growing in the mountains of Tuscany in Italy. So, with further research I have developed this workshop suitable for those interested in natural organic materials to inspire their textiles. This workshop allows time to explore new processes and experiments, but most importantly the time and space for those attending to play with ideas generated by many of the following: During the two days you will explore new materials such as ‘Tyvek’ and ‘Puff-binder’ to create interesting surfaces in response to the subject, which then can be stitched and dyed to work into the theme of Lichen. Fabric manipulation and embellishment in the forms of controlled scorch and burn, using flame and soldering irons lend themselves to some of the experiments to interpret lichen forms. You will explore colour, both taken literally from the lichen in a dye bath but also the contrast between the colours to make your work stand out when composing a textile piece. I propose we return to some of the natural dye baths (as in Eco dye) to support the colour palette, dropping in fabrics and threads and yarns to then develop into both hand and machine stitch responses to the theme. By the end of day one ideas for textile projects can be discussed for development and (hopefully) finished in day two.  The direction suggested for outcomes would be either a ‘Vessel’ type object or a ‘Wall Hanging’, but welcome other personal ideas.

Shine a Light-lampshade workshop with Tutor Gary Mills
at Timberscombe Village Hall
Date: Sunday 11th November 10.00am – 4.00pm
Cost: £38 per person Deposit Required (cost includes all materials)
Information and booking contact: email:
phone: 07967903558
As those long dark nights draw in as we head into winter, why not have-a-go at making your very own personal lampshade to add a bit of fun and colour to any room. This workshop is suitable for all abilities with the outcome of a 20cm diameter x 18cm high personalised lampshade.
I propose 3 design options to choose from: Applique Stylised Florals and stitch, Country Theme and stitch or Rows of Houses with stitch to suit most tastes, but if you wish to create an idea of your own please do so. But keep it simple as time will be limited as we move onto the lampshade making.
The workshop will firstly concentrate on a length of fabric supplied, where you will applique and stitch your design for the intention to become a lamp shade. If you haven’t used bonded applique and free machine stitch before this could be a great opportunity for you to practice. You will need a sewing machine for this part of the workshop. (if you don’t have one I can bring one along for you to use)
Once your design has been completed you will then be guided through the process of making your lampshade using the materials supplied within this workshop.
Outcomes could give a dim room a new bright focal point or even could be teamed with a stylish lamp base for a very personal gift for Christmas.
Equipment required:
  • Scissors both fabric and paper
  • Small thread scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and threads.

Countdown to Christmas 2018
with Tutor Gary Mills and Nick Webber at Timberscombe Village Hall
  Date: Sunday 9th December 9.30am – 4.30pm
Cost: £48 per person Deposit Required (cost includes all materials)
Information and booking contact: email:
phone: 07967903558
Its coming around to Christmas again…… Where has that year gone?
So, for this year’s countdown to Christmas workshop I am proposing a more ‘contemporary feel’ with this stylish fresh foliage door wreath which I have designed and produced a couple of Christmases ago and this simple to make Scandinavian styled Reindeer Decoration. Plus, I’ve asked Nick to come and demonstrate his easy recipes (for you to taste); three of his delicious Christmas canapé ideas for you to impress your family and friends on Christmas day or a drinks party over the festive season.
Outline of the day: Note the extended times 9.30am -4.30pm
First thing Nick Webber, with all his catering experience and expertise, will demonstrate his recipes for homemade savoury canapés.
While the canapés are baking in the oven ready for break time, I will demonstrate and teach you how to make your own stylish contemporary fresh foliage door wreath.
During the break time you will be able to view and discuss the further table decorating ideas I have designed and put together for you to spark your own imagination for laying a visual festive feast on Christmas day.
The second half of the day I will be demonstrating and then you will be making a simple to make Scandinavian styled reindeer decoration made with linen, applied embellishment and found twigs.
There will also be more of my past projects on display and the kits to make them if you wish to purchase for yourself or for gifts to give to your other creative friends.
All materials to make one door wreath and one textile Christmas decoration will be provided.
All you need to bring are: an apron for the floristry, a pair of secateurs, kitchen scissors, fabric scissors, snips and hand sewing needles (sewing machine optional if you have one as figure can be hand sewn if you prefer)

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