Friday, 28 July 2017

New book by Cindy Hurn

Request from Local author, Cynthia J Hurn - aka: “Terry’s mum”, “Grannie Cindy” or “the American lady with the golden retriever”
I am seeking book-lovers who would like to join the Launch Team for my upcoming new e-book, titled:The Shimmering
This historical fiction is a compelling, heart-warming tale of resilience, love and courage, and is suitable for readers from 8 to 98 years. 
Launch Team members will receive a free, privately released, pre-launch copy of the manuscript on a PDQ file attachment, which can only be read on an ipad, tablet, laptop or large screen. (A paperback version will be available to purchase in April 2018.)
All I ask of my team is that they …
·         Read their free copy of the PDQ manuscript over the next month
·         Download the e-book from Amazon during the 2-day launch in January 2018
·        Post a review on Amazon and
·         Spread the word (by mouth or by social media)
Interested? To join my team, just email me, Cindy Hurn, at
You will receive my personal welcome and your copy of the file in the next 48 hours.
See what two readers have written in praise for The Shimmering…
From Pat Murphy, MA; Film Director, Writer, and International Lecturer:
In The Shimmering, Cynthia J Hurn brings us beyond the myths and legends of the Old West to show how the vast energy and power of compassion can act across time and space.
In 1845, three pioneer children lost their parents in a devastating accident. In 2017, on modern-day Exmoor, a grandmother describes the pioneer children’s hopeless plight, and the four Hanlon children are fired by a desire to help. They follow a spirit guide through the mysterious “shimmering” to find themselves back on the Oregon Trail, where they vow to stay with the young pioneers until they reach their destination.
There are terrifying obstacles to overcome and thrilling adventures to be encountered. Everything is grounded in a deep understanding of the life of the pioneers as they journey through deserts, tackle dangerous fast-flowing rivers and cross unforgiving mountains in search of a better life. In fact, the daily courage and resourcefulness of the pioneers is brought so vividly to life in this important and fascinating book, I suspect that C J Hurn has herself gone through “the shimmering.”
From Alan Hines, Author and Screenwriter: 
The Shimmering is one of those “Once Upon A Time” stories, the kind that lures you in with the promise of a good tale. And it delivers. It’s about three children in 19th century America - Jake, Anna, and Ben - who find themselves suddenly alone in the world and of their adventures as pioneers on their journey across the American west. Unbeknownst to them, their lives intersect with four English, modern-day brothers and sisters. 
Cynthia Hurn’s tale draws on American history, folklore, cultural traditions, and an appreciation of classics for children and adults alike – through the looking glass, or into the wardrobe, or over the rainbow…. With The Shimmering, Hurn proves that she is a skillful and gifted storyteller. 
So, if you wish to join my team at the beginning of a wonderful adventure, send an email to me,, and you’ll soon be curled up by the fire, walking the Oregon Trail with seven lovable, courageous children!
Warmest wishes,
Cindy Hurn

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