Friday, 23 December 2016

Claire's Kitchen News

Dear All - I am delighted to announce that my ready meals will be going into The Villagers Stores in Wootton Courtenay on Saturday 13th May. Becky and I  will be in store between 10am and 11am giving out free tasters. Ready meals will be available for purchase from the freezer daily. Look forward to seeing you there.

Claire from Claires Kitchen and the Amazing Fly Monkeys have started a new venture and that is ‘Wild Exmoor’ - untamed cuisine on location throughout Exmoor. We are making a series of programmes/films of a journey across Exmoor with myself cooking in a whole variety of different locations all outdoors in the wild…, some iconic landmarks, some scenic locations, some completely wild etc. but essentially all promoting Exmoor, food, the location/venue and of course ourselves. We are being supported and backed by the ENP and Visit Exmoor.
To give you an idea of what we are doing I have attached links to two sample videos. These are short samples to music, but the actual videos are more in the way of a mini programme with dialog. We have a website under construction. Hope you enjoy them. 

Claire x

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