Thursday, 22 October 2015

Timberscombe Speed Watch needs YOU

Concerned about speeding in our village? The Community Speedwatch scheme trains volunteers from members of the community to get actively involved in monitoring the speed of vehicles travelling through their village. The scheme itself is run by the Police and the community volunteers. There will be a training session for anybody who is interested on Tuesday 7th June  at 7pm starting in the Village Hall. If you are interested please come along.
Volunteers are trained by the Police to use speed indicator devices which display vehicle speeds. Timberscombe owns its own speed camera. The registered owner of any vehicle seen exceeding the speed limit is sent an advisory letter by the Constabulary, explaining that speeding is unacceptable. Persistent offenders will receive a visit from officers. Areas/times where speeding is identified as an issue will become the target of enforcement work by officers.
How do I become a volunteer?
To find out more about becoming a Community Speedwatch volunteer contact: Emma Savage, Paxholt, Great House Street.,    email    or telephone 07899 285829
How much time will I need to give up?
There is no minimum time. Times will be agreed between Volunteers on when to do a speed check. Checks must be done by a group not  individually.
Do you get training?
Yes full training is given to volunteers by the Police.
Is it safe for volunteers?
Volunteers are given full training and safety equipment to ensure they are clearly visible to road users.
What equipment is used?
Volunteers are provided with high visibility jackets and conduct speed checks using speed indicator devices. The vehicles speed is then displayed on the monitor.
Will records of the offending vehicles be kept?
Information gathered during the checks will be used to target enforcement and education measures. Persistent offenders will receive a visit from officers.

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