Monday, 22 July 2013

Can you help?

We are looking to find any WEBBER’S still living in Timberscombe who were connected to Hannah Maria Webber, she was born in 1854, her parents were Robert and Ann,  Hannah was still living in Timberscombe in 1911 with her brother Thomas and sister Elizabeth, Hannah had two children, father is not recorded, the children were Emma Jane, born in Timberscombe and Thomas John Webber born in Williton Workhouse, Emma was my husbands great grandmother, Emma’s daughter Elizabeth Baker my husbands grandmother, she was born 1903 in the cottage which overhangs St Petrocks Church, the Webber family were in Timberscombe from early 1800’s some of the family lived and worked in the village of Clicket in 1881.
Thomas Webber died died in 1917 in Timberscombe he left his sister Elizabeth £361 in his will.
We would be very grateful if any surviving Webbers would contact us.
Telephone: 01926 315164
Pat Evans